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“ İstanbul Packaging was founded by Mr. Nesip AYVALI, mainly with the purpose of satisfying the needs relating to DESIGN, PRODUCTION AND ASSEMBLY OF: Cup Forming – Filling & Sealing Thermoforming Machines for individual portions including IML Thermoforming.

Secondly, to be the most trusted supplier of packaging solutions primarily for dairy and food products.Thirdly, supplying cutting dies,thermoforming moulds, welding electrodes, heating plates, decor system, mechanization of precision, prototypes and tools for thermoforming machines manufactured by İstanbul Pack

Finally, trading of a comprehensive range of packaging equipments mainly for the dairy and beverages of new and used machines with the full support of its European partners.

İSTANBUL PACK builds a business on quality, reliability, performance – and simplicity.

Turkish packaging machine manufacturer İSTANBUL PACK specialises in high-quality thermoforming machines. The company, which relies on Omron for its automation equipment and systems like rest of the industry in Turkey, is looking to build its business in all over the world, where it has already good contacts with potential customers for years.

Thermoforming is one of the most versatile ways to create packaging, particularly for foodstuffs, as well as for medical and pharmaceutical products. Exemplifying this versatility are machines manufactured by Istanbul-based İSTANBUL PACK. The company’s fully automatic thermoforming packaging lines that come in a range of formats to suit an exceptionally broad variety of products, including yogurt with aroma, water, juice without gas, jam, honey, ketchup, mayonnaise cheese, olives, sausages, fish and seafood, pastries and desserts, as well as medical and pharmaceutical products.

Each of the variants of the thermoforming machines have options to suit the particular type of product. For food packaging, it is manufactured using food-grade materials, including stainless steel for the main chassis, to maintain optimum hygiene.

Efficiency and reliability are, of course, key characteristics for all packaging equipment, but particularly for those used in the food industry, where unplanned downtime can lead to products being spoiled and/or wasted. With an extensive market outside of Turkey, The Company’s customers look for machines that are both globally available and well supported, and this is another area where our past experience and expertise has proved invaluable.

As a result, İSTANBUL PACK maintains its competitiveness by never leaving customer alone in markets where price is almost always an issue. In addition, installation and field support are entirely straightforward, so that machines are put into service as quickly as possible.

The Company’s relationship with its existing customers has already helped them build an enviable reputation in their established marketplace, and the company is ambitious to maintain this momentum. We’re always driven by what the customer wants – it’s how we have developed the business. So we always listen to what customers say to us, and when we need to develop more advanced solutions, we know that we can rely on to help us to serve hem better.

We are only a call away from our customers…“

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