The package cost savings by istanbul packThe package cost savings by istanbul pack

What has made “the package cost savings by istanbul pack” an amazing success story, founder and CEO  of “istanbul pack” Nesip AYVALI puts it in 3 simple words: “ Obsess over customers.” istanbul pack has a customer driven approach that initially starts with customer and then works bacwards.

Our competitors stated that package cost savings are not possible on horizontal packaging machines for PET water cups and portion packs.? However, they underestimated our technical stuff.

 istanbul pack has focused on the greatest possible savings in terms of packaging material consumption through accurate studies for years. Finally coming up with a unique superior new generation Thermo Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine.This high end machine and its cutting edge cup cutting technology offers the most advantages package cost savings.  How much savings?  The minimum starts from 50.000.- US dollars.

istanbul pack customers prefer it’s new generation thermo forming packaging machine for water or portion packs because they experience vast cost savings for example  by using less foils and still delivering the same hourly outputs and while  running 8 hours a day 300 days a year. İstanbul pack easily surpassess similar conventional machines on the market. In fact, Savings double to 100.000 US Dollars a year with two shifts of machine operation. so then why choose a standard machine?

Unlike conventional packaging machines that require a lot of effort in manual bottom film transportation to the end of the cutting station, with istanbul pack, the bottom plastic film transporting is done by a servo driven chain. All the operator has to do is press the green button to repeatedly transfer the bottom film until the web is at the end of the pre-heated station then the operator starts receiving well formed cups.

  • Product quality can be measured if the bottom film wrinkles which can happen on conventional machines. With istanbul pack however, the bottom foil is held by the Servo Motion chain. In the sides of the film on our new generation machine, so the film never wrinkles towards the center after passing the pre-heated station. This way, formed cups on the sides and middle become homegeneous  cups having a superior seal quality cut properly regardless of the location  of the  cups on the machine.
  • Additionally, As the bottom film is always transported with the same repeat length trough the machine with chain technology,it always provides optimal seal quality with easy peel point with a tab on every corner of each cup and proper cut cups something not experienced with traditional machines.
  • With an istanbul pack machine, The operator will never need to re-adjust or dislocate sealing and cutting stations according to the bottom material shrinkage due to its superier servo driven chain system.
  • When an operator starts up a conventional machine for the first time for real production, there is always about 5 meters of bottom film waste before all stations are ready. Not so on our machine, there is no waste from the beginning and this results in significant production savings.
  • Simple and easy photocell adjustment is needed only one time  With our new generation cups machine. Because of servo driven chain system repeat length always stays the same. The operator places the motif properly and seals the top foil to the bottom foil one time at manual position during machine start-up without the film being wasted.

Why is this differentiation so important between conventional machines and istanbul pack? Conventional machines waste a minimum of 10 to 15 machine repeat length foil  (an average 2 meters) . Moreover, if  there is misalignment or if the print motif  is not placed correctly for whatever reason such as  inproper cutting of cups . Then operator should adjust it often. In such cases,  There is an extra minimum loss of 2 to 3 meters of bottom plastic material and top Aluminium foils until the operator places the print motif correctly again.

The operator can make adjustments only after more than 12 advance movements of the machine which results in a significant waste of foils. For example,  for a minimum 12 machine advancement – 160mm ( one hundred and sixty mm ) steps time 12 machine cycles amounts to 200cm of foils waste. And this happens each time the operator tries to make photocell adjustment or to correct inproper cutting of cups .

  • Our new generation machine does not stop during  a new bottom plastic roll change as the chain transports the taped film to the end of the machine in seconds without any risk of being stuck.
  • Conventional machines often risk being stuck which can result in wasting an average of 1 meter bottom plastic material whenever a new roll has to be installed.
  • With our global Power Monitor for the On-panel, Power consumption is measured correctly for the whole packaging line.
  • The Encrypted Plug & Go Remote Connection for remote diagnostics and remote maintenance is also available on our new generation  machine. To ensure the functioning of remote maintenance, the customer just has to provide a wireless connection where machine is placed at the Factory.


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